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WWE Legend Reveals How Triple H Changed Backstage Atmosphere

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WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley is pretty much impressed the way WWE Chief Content Officer has transformed the product after Vince McMahon shockingly announced the retirement. Fans are also very happy the way ‘The Game’ has been handling the shows.

D-Von Dudley sheds praise on Triple H

Appearing on “The A2theK Wrestling Show,” Dudley, who works behind the scenes on the “NXT” brand, discussed how Levesque has been able to adjust to his new role:

“Vince used to always tell the wrestlers sometimes the vision is not there anymore, or sometimes you just need a new vision to help you out, and I think Triple H is that vision,” Dudley said. “I think Triple H got his feet wet with everything on ‘NXT.’ When he started ‘NXT,’ he took indie wrestlers and made them into stars. That’s very hard to do that. I don’t care what nobody says, you could say what you want about Triple H, but that’s very hard to do that. He made ‘NXT’ a household name when you talk about professional wrestling. So, that got his feet wet there, and then now taking over for Vince and doing what he’s doing, I’m very, very happy about it. The atmosphere in the locker room is tremendous.”

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Dudley compared Levesque taking over for McMahon to a “title change” on WWE TV. He said that because it’s something fresh and new, fans have gravitated to the product.

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