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WWE advertising for MAJOR new creative role

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In an exciting development for the world of professional wrestling, WWE has officially announced its search for a new member to join its creative team.

This move underscores WWE’s commitment to enhancing its storytelling and production quality, aiming to captivate its global audience further.

WWE News: A New Opportunity in Sports Entertainment

The role, advertised as a writer/producer, comes with a set of responsibilities that are both challenging and rewarding. The successful candidate will be tasked with developing characters that resonate on an emotional level, scripting engaging storylines for WWE’s flagship shows such as RAW and SmackDown, and contributing to select programming on the WWE Network.

Collaboration is at the heart of this role, requiring the new team member to work closely with a diverse group of writers. Together, they will craft stories that appeal to a wide demographic, ensuring continuity and a seamless flow across episodes.

The role also involves integrating consumer insights and social media trends to produce impactful narratives that align with WWE’s brand and the unique attributes of its talent.

WWE News: Key Qualifications and Experience

WWE has set a high bar for applicants, indicating the importance of this role within the organization. Candidates are expected to have at least five years of writing experience for television, film, or social media.

Additional qualifications that would set applicants apart include producing and directing experience, a professional background in TV staff roles across drama and comedy, and familiarity with live TV production.

A deep understanding of social media trends and previous experience working with on-screen talent, creative writers, and producers are also highly valued.

While a BA/BS degree in Film, TV, Drama, Media Studies, Communications, or a similar field is preferred, WWE is open to considering candidates with significant validated experience in lieu of a formal degree.

Joining the WWE Creative Team

The position requires weekly travel to shows, including RAW or SmackDown, and rotating travel to Pay-Per-View events.

The new creative team member will also participate in weekly writing team meetings at WWE’s Stamford, CT headquarters, contributing to the creative process that shapes the future of WWE programming.


  • What is the new role at WWE?
    • WWE is advertising for a writer/producer to join its creative team.
  • What are the responsibilities of the role?
    • Developing characters, scripting storylines for RAW and SmackDown, collaborating with writers, and integrating consumer insights and social media trends.
  • What qualifications are required?
    • At least five years of relevant writing experience, with producing and directing experience being a plus. A degree in a related field is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Is travel required for the role?
    • Yes, weekly travel to shows and rotating travel to Pay-Per-View events are part of the job.
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