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AEW Worlds End: Tony Khan seemingly makes BIG promise for event

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As the wrestling world gears up for the highly anticipated AEW Worlds End, Tony Khan, the mind behind All Elite Wrestling’s booking, has hinted at significant developments for the event.

Scheduled for December 30, 2023, this pay-per-view promises to be a pivotal moment in AEW’s calendar, potentially reshaping the landscape of professional wrestling.

Tony Khan: The Build-Up to Worlds End

In recent episodes, AEW has captivated (and aggravated) audiences with its intriguing storylines, particularly the enigmatic ‘Devil’ character haunting MJF.

The December 27 episode of Dynamite added a new layer to this narrative, with Samoa Joe devastatingly attacking the AEW World Champion.

This storyline is expected to reach a climax at Worlds End, with Khan teasing major revelations and moments that fans won’t want to miss.

Tony Khan’s Vision for AEW Worlds End

The identity of ‘The Devil’ has been a central element of this approach, sparking widespread speculation and interest among the wrestling community.

Khan’s excitement about the upcoming event is palpable, as he anticipates the culmination of these story arcs: I do feel like it’s [the Devil storyline] coming close to the culmination and it does feel like the secrets will be revealed at Worlds End, and I’m looking forward to it.”

The Role of Cagematch in AEW’s Success

During the media call for Worlds End, Khan also discussed the importance of Cagematch, a benchmarking tool, in evaluating the success of AEW and ROH.

This tool has been instrumental in shaping the direction of AEW’s storylines and matches, ensuring that the content remains fresh and engaging for its audience.

The Impact of AEW Worlds End

AEW Worlds End is more than just another event on the wrestling calendar; it represents a significant moment in the evolution of AEW.

With Khan’s promise of big revelations, the event is set to offer something different from the usual wrestling fare. The anticipation surrounding the identity of ‘The Devil’ and the outcome of the AEW World Championship match adds an extra layer of excitement to the event.


  • What is AEW Worlds End? AEW Worlds End is a pay-per-view wrestling event organized by All Elite Wrestling, scheduled for December 30, 2023.
  • Who is Tony Khan? Tony Khan is the President and CEO of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and is known for his innovative approach to wrestling storytelling and booking.
  • What has been teased for the event? Tony Khan has hinted at significant revelations and moments, particularly regarding the ongoing storyline involving ‘The Devil’ and the AEW World Championship.
  • How has the storyline involving ‘The Devil’ impacted AEW? The storyline has generated considerable interest and speculation among fans, becoming a central narrative in AEW’s programming.
  • What role does Cagematch play in AEW? Cagematch is used as a benchmarking tool to assess the success and direction of AEW and ROH’s storylines and matches.
  • Can we expect any major changes in AEW following Worlds End? Given Tony Khan’s hints, it’s likely that AEW Worlds End will bring significant developments that could reshape the future direction of AEW.
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