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WWE legend hospitalised and suffers two heart attacks

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In a concerning development for the wrestling community, Afa Anoa’i, better known as “Afa the Wild Samoan,” a revered figure in the WWE universe, has been hospitalised and then subsequently suffered two heart attacks whilst in care.

This news comes as a shock to fans and colleagues alike, who have always admired Afa for his robust health and spirited performances in the ring.

Afa’s Health Crisis

Afa, a WWE Hall of Famer, reportedly suffered from pneumonia before experiencing the heart attacks. His condition highlights the often-unforeseen health challenges that even the most formidable athletes can face.

Afa’s journey in wrestling, marked by remarkable feats and memorable matches, has made him a beloved figure in the sport.

His current health situation has thus garnered significant attention and concern from the wrestling community.

A Storied Career in WWE and Wrestling

Afa’s career in WWE is nothing short of legendary. Alongside his brother Sika, he formed one of the most formidable tag teams in wrestling history, known as The Wild Samoans.

Their impact on the sport has been profound, influencing many wrestlers who followed in their footsteps. Afa’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame is a testament to his significant contributions to the world of professional wrestling.


  • Who is Afa the Wild Samoan? Afa Anoa’i, known as Afa the Wild Samoan, is a retired professional wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer.
  • What happened to Afa? Afa was hospitalised after suffering two heart attacks, following a bout with pneumonia.
  • Has Afa’s condition improved? The latest updates on his condition are not available at this moment.
  • What is Afa known for in WWE? Afa is renowned for being part of The Wild Samoans tag team and his significant contributions to professional wrestling.
  • How has the wrestling community reacted? The wrestling community has shown immense support, with fans and fellow wrestlers sending wishes for his speedy recovery.
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