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AJ Lee breaks silence on POTENTIAL IN-RING RETURN

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The wrestling world has been abuzz with speculation following a recent training video shared by former WWE Superstar AJ Lee.

This speculation gained momentum due to her husband, CM Punk, returning to WWE in November. Fans’ hopes soared at the prospect of seeing AJ Lee make a comeback, especially with the 2024 Royal Rumble on the horizon.

AJ Lee: Training Video Sparks Rumors

Lee’s training video, initially shared in relation to her role on the TV show “Heels”, quickly became the centre of speculation about her returning to in-ring competition.

The video, featuring her alongside CM Punk, was seen by many as a hint of her potential comeback.

AJ Lee’s Clarification

In response to the growing rumours, AJ Mendez (Lee) took to her Instagram Story to set the record straight. She confirmed that she remains retired from in-ring competition, stating, “I bumped for @heelsstarz & @cmpunk and then went back into retirement.”

This statement was a clear indication that, despite the excitement and speculation, AJ Lee’s wrestling days remain in the past.

AJ Lee Last WWE Match

AJ Lee’s last wrestling match dates back to March 30, 2015, on WWE Raw. She teamed up with Naomi (Trinity) and Paige (Saraya) to defeat Natalya and the Garcia Twins.

Her retirement was officially announced by WWE in April 2015.


  • What sparked the rumors about AJ Lee’s return?
    • A training video, initially for her role on “Heels”, led to speculation about her returning to in-ring competition.
  • What was AJ Lee’s response to the comeback rumors?
    • The former WWE Divas Champion clarified on Instagram that she remains retired, stating her participation in the training video was for a TV role and not a sign of her returning to wrestling.
  • When was AJ Lee’s last wrestling match?
    • AJ Lee’s last match took place on March 30, 2015, on WWE Raw.
  • Has AJ Lee officially retired from wrestling?
    • Yes, WWE announced AJ Lee’s retirement from in-ring competition in April 2015.
  • What is the status of CM Punk in WWE?
    • CM Punk made his return to WWE in December, participating in matches, including one against Dominik Mysterio at Madison Square Garden.
  • Is there any chance of AJ Lee returning to wrestling in the future?
    • As of now, AJ Lee has confirmed her retirement and has not indicated any plans for a return to in-ring competition.
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