AJ Styles featured on surreal billboard in Alabama

AJ Styles Billboard

Image Copyright: WWE

WWE Superstar AJ Styles was recently featured on a very surreal and odd bit of advertising on a billboard in Alabama.

A fan spotted the sign that read “AJ Styles turns 45. Time for his colonoscopy!” And yes, you did read that right.

The Twitter post has over 3,000 likes and it has been getting a ton of attention from the fans of the WWE Superstar online.

AJ Styles Weird Advert

Here are some of the reactions from the WWE Universe to the billboard advertising colonoscopies featuring the Phenomenal One:

  • Dothan has one calling out John Cena for the same
  • I live a little further south from Troy. These are somewhat common. They regularly replace them with celebrities who are reaching colonoscopy age
  • Let us know how long it stays up, though tbf WWE legal team have a lot else going on at the moment, so they may not come for this
  • Wonder if @AJStylesOrg is appreciative of random billboards being concerned about his colon health?
  • I have…questions about the legality of this billboard’s photo and likeness usage.
  • In Alabama this will get 10x the people to consider a colonoscopy vs a billboard with a doctor or the like

Check out the billboard below:

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