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WWE RAW Superstar reacts to being OFFICIALLY added to faction

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WWE RAW Superstar Akira Tozawa has recently made headlines by joining the ranks of the Alpha Academy. This significant move in his career was announced on this week’s show, marking a new chapter for the superstar.

Akira Tozawa’s induction into the Alpha Academy took place on 23rd October 2023. This new alliance immediately presented him with a chance to prove himself against Bronson Reed.

Although Reed emerged victorious from their bout, Tozawa remained undeterred.

WWE RAW: The New Member’s Spirit

Despite the setback against Reed, Tozawa’s spirits remain high. He took to social media to share a snapshot of himself at ringside, proudly donning an Alpha Academy t-shirt.

Chad Gable, a prominent figure in the academy, has assured Tozawa that he’ll fit right into the team with their guidance.

Behind the Scenes with Tozawa on WWE RAW

After the match, Tozawa was spotted in a backstage segment, where he was surrounded by members of the Alpha Academy, New Day, and DIY.

His peers lauded him, and he was seen holding the Dallas Cowboys WWE replica title belt, showcasing his signature training ‘dance’ move.

Tozawa captioned this moment as “Day 1” on Twitter/X, signifying the beginning of his journey with the Alpha Academy.


  • Who is Akira Tozawa?
    • Akira Tozawa is a professional wrestler currently signed with WWE.
  • When did Tozawa join the Alpha Academy?
    • Akira Tozawa officially became a part of the Alpha Academy on 23rd October 2023.
  • Did Tozawa win his match against Bronson Reed?
    • No, Bronson Reed won the match against Akira Tozawa.
  • How did Tozawa react to his induction into the Alpha Academy?
    • Tozawa expressed his enthusiasm by sharing a photo of himself wearing the Alpha Academy t-shirt and referred to the day as “Day 1” of his journey with the faction.
  • Who else is part of the Alpha Academy?
    • While the article mentions Chad Gable as a key figure, the exact members of the Alpha Academy can vary over time.
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