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Alberto Del Rio allegedly threatens to ‘expose’ Paige with evidence

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Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio recently appeared on Hannibal TV. The former World Heavyweight Champion discussed a number of topics during the interview, including his past relationship with fellow WWE Superstar, Paige.

‘I had another situation with another person accusing me of something,’ Alberto Del Rio said in the interview, alluding to his relationship with Paige. ‘What’s your evidence? And thank God now, and I said it in my interview with my great friend Hugo Savinovich, hey, we had a confidential agreement in the past for $1 million.”

“That’s the only reason why I never did anything, never said anything, I never exposed you” Del Rio continued, seemingly threatening to expose the retired WWE Superstar. “I never told the truth about all your arrests for domestic violence when we were together, but please don’t mess with me again. Enough is enough. I have no intentions of’¦ and everybody knows who I am talking about.”

Alberto Del Rio and Paige

‘No more, no more. Enough is enough” Del Rio added. “That confidential agreement is no longer there, you breached the contract so now I can tell the truth about who was and who wasn’t arrested three different times for domestic violence, and it wasn’t me.”

“Seven police reports for domestic violence, and it wasn’t me” Rio revealed. “They talked, they barked, they were poking and trying to make me talk, and I think they wanted to make me talk to come and collect that million dollars because when we signed that confidential agreement.”

“Hey I was WWE Champion, I did good money-wise, and then the other person, after signing the contract I realized that she didn’t own a house, a car, or anything, and only had $60-$70,000 in her bank account” Alberto Del Rio claimed. “But the contract was already signed when I found out.’

The situation regarding Alberto Del Rio and Paige has always been fractious, and this extra layer of damaging public comments only seems to cause controvery.

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