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Aleister Black – “WWE kind of make the rules themselves”

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Former WWE Superstar and new AEW signee Aleister Black/Malakai Black recently discussed several topics on his Twitch. One of the topics that the former NXT Superstar addressed was the ‘flawed’ non-compete clauses that WWE have in place, and how President Biden is reportedly looking at addressing these sort of issues.

‘There is a middle ground. From a business point of view, I understand having a non-compete” Aleister Black would begin. “As a person who works on TV, I understand that they want separation between you going from one place to another. I get that.”

“Do I think it needs to be three months? No. That’s the standard contract. Obviously, with me, you guys know what happened’ Black continued, alluding to how WWE did not change his non-compete from 30 to 90 days in a ‘clerical error,’ allowing him to join AEW quicker than expected.

Aleister Black on WWE

‘Something definitely needs to change and maybe there needs to be better prior notice” Black continued. “One of the things that I don’t think is completely accurate is ’˜hey, today we decided to do that and we’ll follow up on it.’ I think you need a little more notice, but it’s a different process.”

“The WWE is not a normal company. They kind of make the rules themselves” Aleister Black would then claim. “That’s where I think [Joe] Biden is trying to make a change where they have all the pros and you have all the cons.”

“I understand the need for change on multiple levels and I also understand that there needs to be a middle ground and that there needs to be spacing in between. They still pay you when you’re no longer working for them for the duration of your non-compete’ Black concluded.

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