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Alexa Bliss: Live crowd ruthlessly boos star during WWE MITB

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WWE RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss was part of a backstage segment during Money in the Bank shilling the WWE Visa debit card.

The crowd in attendance booed the segment mercilessly, and for good reason. Bliss appeared backstage with her doll Lily, and the (thankfully) fairly short commercial was dire.

WWE fans boo Alexa Bliss

Here are some of the reactions from fans on social media to the absolutely terrible Visa commercial that WWE had Bliss star in:

  • The crowd was rightfully booing the Alexa Bliss Visa card segment. In its defense though, it was less predictable than the Carmella/Belair match. #MITB#WWE
  • That Credit one #WWE card ad with Alexa Bliss and her doll was so godawful that the crowd was loudly booing. Expect heavy sweetening on all replays #mitb
  • Poor Alexa Bliss having to do Lilly and credit card promos. Such a waste. I understand WWE, you have a warehouse full of the dolls, but enough is enough. #MITB
  • Well no sh*t but they usually say wwe is sponsored by *insert company here* and not by doing a segment with Alexa bliss that’s framed as a storyline thing There’s commercials for a reason
  • Bliss just did a wwe credit card commercial with Lilly. Oh good. Can I please have a financial instrument that brings fraud, identity theft and a haunting? #MITB
  • Bless Alexa Bliss for getting stuck with advertising WWE’s credit card. The crowd booing is understandable but ya gotta feel for her.
  • #AlexaBliss needs to ditch the doll. Lily just doesn’t fit her storyline anymore IMO. Since she came back, she has the new song & her image seems refreshed. I’d like to see her get a push. #MITB#WWE
  • @AlexaBliss_WWE I’m such a huge fan, but when fans boo the Credit One commercial with the doll, it’s really time to drop back and punt. I really hope someone with talent relations can get a grip on this.
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