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Aliyah makes a BIG claim about why Twitter “hates” her

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Former WWE star Aliyah has recently sparked a conversation about the nature of fan expectations and celebrity interactions on social media.

After her release from WWE in September last year, Aliyah has been navigating a new career path, diverging from the route many expected her to take.

WWE News: The Root of the Controversy

Aliyah’s journey in WWE was marked by setbacks and prolonged absences, leading to her expressing frustration about her status in the company.

Post-WWE, many wrestlers have turned to creating exclusive content sites for their fans, a move anticipated by many for Aliyah. However, she chose a different path, rejecting offers from various exclusive content websites.

WWE News: Aliyah’s Response to Fan Queries

The issue came to light when a fan on Twitter questioned the apparent obsession and negativity towards Aliyah.

Responding to this, Aliyah attributed the hate to her decision to decline these exclusive content site offers. She tweeted, “Idk I just kindly rejected all these offers from all these exclusive content websites and now the twitter police is after me.”

Aliyah’s Current Endeavours

Aliyah is not letting this setback define her post-WWE career. She is set to appear as a guest DJ at the Remix Rumble, a pro-wrestling-themed nightclub event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on January 26th.

This move indicates her willingness to explore diverse avenues beyond the wrestling ring.


  • What did Aliyah do after leaving WWE? Aliyah has been exploring new career opportunities, including appearing as a guest DJ at a pro-wrestling-themed nightclub.
  • Why do some fans dislike Aliyah? According to Aliyah, some fans have expressed negativity towards her because she chose not to start an exclusive content site after leaving WWE.
  • What was Aliyah’s experience in WWE like? Aliyah faced several setbacks and absences during her time in WWE, leading to frustration about her status in the company.
  • Is Aliyah creating her own exclusive content site? No, Aliyah has rejected offers to create exclusive content sites, choosing to pursue different career paths.
  • What is Aliyah’s next public appearance? Aliyah is scheduled to be a guest DJ at the Remix Rumble event in Toronto on January 26th.
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