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Absent WWE SmackDown Superstar claims she will be IN THE CROWD this week

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WWE SmackDown fans are in for a surprise this week, as the long-absent superstar Aliyah has made a bold declaration.

Despite her hiatus from the ring, she’s not staying away from the action. Here’s what we know.

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Aliyah’s Journey on WWE SmackDown

Aliyah’s dedication to WWE is undeniable. For over half a decade, she committed herself to NXT, perfecting her skills and eagerly awaiting her moment in the spotlight.

Many fans might recall the WWE Network series “Breaking Ground,” which documented her introduction to the developmental system.

When she finally received her main roster call-up, the WWE universe was buzzing with anticipation. However, her consistent presence on the main roster has been a topic of discussion.

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The Mystery of Aliyah’s Absence

It’s no secret that Aliyah has expressed her disappointment regarding her absence from WWE. Her last in-ring appearance was on RAW in September 2022, where she and Raquel Rodriguez lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles to Damage CTRL.

Since then, questions about her whereabouts and future in WWE have been swirling.

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Aliyah’s Homecoming to Toronto for WWE SmackDown

This week, WWE SmackDown is set to take place in Toronto, Aliyah’s hometown. The superstar recently shared a snapshot of Toronto’s iconic CN Tower on social media, captioning it with her admiration for the city’s nighttime beauty.

This post sparked curiosity among fans, with one inquiring if they could expect to see her on SmackDown.

Aliyah’s response? She might not be in the ring, but she’ll definitely be in the audience. She playfully urged the fan to greet her in the crowd, hinting at her presence with a popcorn emoji.

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Speculations and Future Plans

While Aliyah remains on the WWE roster, her exact role and future plans remain a mystery. There’s no word on any creative plans involving her or details about her medical status.

However, her recent social media activities, including horse riding, suggest she’s in good shape. Fans are eagerly waiting for her return to the ring, and her presence in the crowd might be a hint of things to come.

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