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Current UFC Champion open to WWE run ‘if the contract is amazing’

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Amanda Nunes is open to a WWE career if offered the right contract.

There has been a long history of UFC fighters crossing over to the wrestling world after the end of their fighting careers. This list includes decorated names such as Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey who continue to dominate the world of pro wrestling.

WWE’s latest deal with Endeavor brings the two companies even closer. After the deal is complete both promotions will be owned by the same company. Fans expect to see even more crossovers between the two once this merger is complete.

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Amanda Nunes is open to WWE deal

UFC women’s featherweight and bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes was asked about a potential career in pro wrestling by NYPost. The female star explained that it all depends on the contract:

‘It depends on the contract, you know? If the contract is amazing, why not? What I wanted to do in MMA, I did already ’” even more than I thought in my head when I went through my whole career.

“I became a double champion. I wanted only one ’” I had two ’¦ I’m so happy, and whatever comes after I’m done with UFC, we’ll see. For sure, you guys will see me around anyways.’

Nunes is not the only UFC star who seems to be interested in a WWE run. Conor McGregor recently teased a big confrontation that many believe could take place at SummerSlam.

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