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WWE Superstar Reveals INJURY Kept Them Out of Action for MONTHS

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After a noticeable absence from WWE TV since August, Apollo Crews made a comeback on the November 9th episode of WWE Main Event, and he has now shed light on the reason behind his hiatus – an injury that sidelined him for several months.

The former Intercontinental Champion took to Instagram to share the news of his injury. “Had a little injury that kept me out for a few months. Felt great being back in the ring,” he wrote.

This revelation came as a surprise to many fans who were left wondering about his sudden disappearance from the screen.

Apollo Crews: His Journey in WWE

Crews’ journey in WWE has been marked by significant highs and lows. Known for his incredible athleticism and charismatic presence, he has always been a fan favourite.

His recent return to the main roster in the 2023 WWE Draft, where he was selected by Monday Night Raw, was a testament to his enduring appeal and talent.

The Return to the Ring

On his return, Crews faced Ludwig Kaiser in the November 9th edition of WWE Main Event, which was taped at Raw.

Although he did not emerge victorious, the mere fact of his return was a significant moment for him and his fans. It marked the end of a challenging period and the beginning of a new chapter in his career.


  • What injury did Apollo Crews suffer? Apollo Crews suffered an unspecified injury that kept him out of action for several months.
  • When did Apollo Crews return to WWE TV? He made his return on the November 9 episode of WWE Main Event.
  • What was Apollo Crews’ status before his injury? He was a prominent figure in WWE, known as a former Intercontinental Champion.
  • How did Apollo Crews announce his injury? He revealed his injury through an Instagram post.
  • What does Apollo Crews’ return mean for the RAW roster? His return adds depth and excitement to the WWE roster, especially on Monday Night Raw.
  • What is the significance of Apollo Crews’ recovery? His recovery highlights the resilience and dedication required by athletes to overcome injuries in professional wrestling.
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