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WWE NXT Superstar to compete in MISS UNIVERSE Canada

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The world of WWE, professional wrestling and beauty pageants are about to collide in an unexpected yet thrilling manner.

Arianna Grace, a notable figure from WWE’s NXT roster, is gearing up to showcase her talents in a completely different arena: the Miss Universe Canada competition.

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Arianna Grace: From the WWE Ring to the Ramp

Arianna Grace, better known to wrestling fans as the daughter of WWE legend Santino Marella, made waves in NXT with her impressive in-ring skills.

As a second-generation wrestler, she not only inherited the wrestling genes but also the charisma and charm that are essential in the squared circle.

However, her journey took a slight detour last year due to an unfortunate injury.

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The Beauty of Resilience

Despite the setback in her wrestling career, Arianna, whose real name is Bianca Carelli, didn’t let the injury deter her ambitions.

Instead, she channelled her energy into another passion. With her striking looks, it’s no surprise that she’s considered one of the most beautiful women in the NXT women’s division.

This beauty, combined with her determination, has led her to the prestigious Miss Universe Canada competition.

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A Dream Dual Path

Taking to Twitter, Arianna expressed her gratitude and excitement about living two of her dreams simultaneously.

In her words, “Feeling so grateful for the life I live, I get to live two of my dreams at the same time this week. I am a WWE wrestler AND I’m competing for the title of Miss Universe Canada this week. It almost seems surreal, but I made it happen. Hard work always pays off.”

Awaiting a Double Victory?

Arianna’s last appearance on WWE television was on the September 13, 2022, episode of WWE NXT 2.0. Since her injury, she has resumed in-ring training, hinting at a potential comeback.

While the wrestling universe eagerly awaits her return to the ring, all eyes are now on the Miss Universe Canada competition.

Will she be able to clinch the coveted title? Only time will tell.

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