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Asuka makes SHOCKING comments about Japanese wrestling promotion

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WWE Superstar Asuka recently made waves in the wrestling community with her candid comments about the all-female Japanese wrestling promotion, STARDOM.

Asuka’s remarks have not only stirred up conversations but also shed light on her perspective regarding her place in the wrestling world.

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Asuka: Wrestling Legacy in Japan

Before making a name for herself in WWE, Asuka, known as Kanako Urai in her personal life, was a prominent figure in several Japanese wrestling promotions.

Her journey in the wrestling world saw her compete in promotions like Smash, JWP Joshi Puroresu, NEO Japan Ladies Pro-Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Wave.

Her experience and achievements in these promotions have solidified her status as a veteran in the industry.

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STARDOM’s Alleged Objective

In a recent Twitter outburst, Asuka made the bold claim that STARDOM was established with a singular purpose – to defeat her.

She emphasised that the organisation’s inception aimed not only at her professional downfall but also at a personal level:

“Stardom is an organization that was created to defeat me. It is an organisation that was created to destroy me personally,” she tweeted.

However, she confidently added that their attempts to overshadow her were unsuccessful.

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Reflections on the Past

Asuka clarified that her comments about STARDOM were based on past experiences and are not a reflection of the promotion’s current state.

She mentioned that her remarks pertain to a time before her move to America. “What I just said is in the past. It was before I came to America,” she stated.

She also acknowledged the evolution of the organization and admitted her unfamiliarity with many of its current wrestlers.

Despite her past grievances, Asuka wished luck to everyone in STARDOM, showing particular concern for wrestlers Syuri and Shirakawa.

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STARDOM’s Connection with WWE

Interestingly, while Asuka has never stepped into a STARDOM ring, several WWE Superstars have. Notable names like IYO SKY, Shayna Bazler, and Dakota Kai have all competed for the Japanese promotion.

This connection further highlights the global reach and influence of STARDOM in the wrestling world.

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