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MAJOR Backstage update on INJURED WWE SmackDown Superstar

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In a recent development from the WWE SmackDown roster, Austin Theory, a prominent figure on Friday nights, has been sidelined following a concerning incident during his match.

The event, which unfolded on a gripping Friday night, has left fans and officials deeply concerned about his condition.

WWE News: The Incident That Shook WWE SmackDown

During a high-stakes match against Carmelo Hayes, both wrestlers experienced a harrowing moment. The referee, observing the severity of the situation, signalled for medical intervention, a move rarely seen and indicative of serious concern.

The match was abruptly halted after both competitors landed awkwardly from a top turnbuckle manoeuvre, leading to facial contusions.

Austin Theory’s Medical Status

Austin Theory, the former WWE United States Champion, is now under strict medical protocol. This development came to light after Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio reported on the incident.

The injury occurred when Theory, attempting a running Spanish Fly variation, collided with Hayes, resulting in the back of Hayes’ head striking Theory’s face.

The referee’s immediate action to call for medical assistance underscores the potential severity of Theory’s condition.

WWE News: The Aftermath and Future Implications

The wrestling community is now keenly awaiting further updates on Theory’s condition. His absence could significantly impact the dynamics of upcoming WWE events, including the much-anticipated Royal Rumble.

The incident also raises questions about the safety measures in place during high-risk matches and the need for more stringent protocols to protect the athletes.


  • What happened to Austin Theory on WWE SmackDown?
    • Austin Theory suffered an injury during a match against Carmelo Hayes after a high-risk manoeuvre went awry, leading to facial contusions.
  • Is Austin Theory currently under medical care?
    • Yes, following the incident, Austin Theory is under medical protocol to assess and treat his injuries.
  • How did the injury occur?
    • The injury occurred when Theory and Hayes landed awkwardly from a top turnbuckle move, with Hayes’ head colliding with Theory’s face.
  • What does this mean for Austin Theory’s WWE career?
    • While the full extent of Theory’s injury and the duration of his recovery are currently unclear, his absence could have significant implications for his role in upcoming WWE events, including potential matches and storylines.
  • Will Carmelo Hayes face any repercussions for the incident?
    • As of now, there have been no official statements suggesting any repercussions for Carmelo Hayes. The incident appears to have been an unfortunate accident during a high-risk performance.
  • How does this affect the WWE SmackDown roster?
    • Austin Theory’s absence may lead to changes in the SmackDown roster’s dynamics, with potential shifts in match line-ups and opportunities for other wrestlers to step into the spotlight.
  • What are WWE’s protocols for in-ring injuries?
    • WWE has strict protocols for in-ring injuries, including immediate medical assessment and treatment. The referee’s quick response in this incident is a testament to WWE’s commitment to wrestler safety.
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