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BIG WWE Superstar reacts to claims that Triple H BURIED him

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The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to controversies, and the latest one revolves around Austin Theory, the U.S. Champion, and the claims that Triple H, upon becoming the Head of WWE’s Creative, buried him.

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Austin Theory’s Stance on the WWE Controversy

Austin Theory’s journey in the WWE last year was marked by a series of losses. These losses coincided with Vince McMahon’s retirement, leading many to speculate that Triple H, also known as “The Game”, was intentionally sidelining Theory.

However, Theory has a different perspective on the matter. In a recent episode of the “Babyfaces Podcast,” he addressed these claims.

He emphasised the fickle nature of the internet, where one day a wrestler can be celebrated, and the next, criticised.

Recalling a time when the internet was abuzz with claims of him being buried due to consecutive losses, Theory challenged the narrative by asking when he last lost a match. He believes that as long as people are talking about him, whether positively or negatively, he’s making an impact. In his words, “You know, I remember a time that the internet said, ‘Man, this guy, he’s getting buried. He loses every match.’ When was the last time I lost a match? And people still have something to say now. As long as there’s something said, I’m doing what I need to do. But if there’s nothing being said, then there’s a worry there because people say your name for a reason whether it’s good or bad.”

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Theory’s Current Position in WWE

Despite the controversies and speculations, Austin Theory has proven his mettle in the ring. Currently, in his second reign as the WWE United States Champion, he is set to defend his title against Santos Escobar in an upcoming episode of SmackDown.

This match is eagerly anticipated by fans and is a testament to Theory’s resilience and talent.

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Triple H’s Legacy in WWE

It’s essential to understand the stature of Triple H in the WWE universe. Paul Michael Levesque, better known as Triple H, has been a significant figure in the wrestling world.

Not only has he been a dominant wrestler, but he’s also serving as the executive vice president for Talent Relations and head of creative for WWE.

His decisions and actions carry weight, and his influence is undeniable. However, the claims regarding his burying Austin Theory remain speculative.

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