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WWE SmackDown: MAJOR update on potential main roster call-up

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A recent episode of WWE SmackDown has put the spotlight on Axiom, a talent whose journey from NXT UK to NXT and now potentially to the main roster is drawing considerable attention.

Axiom, previously known as A-Kid in NXT UK, made a significant impact during his recent appearance on SmackDown. His debut on the show was marked by a match against Dragon Lee, a bout that showcased his impressive skills and athleticism.

Before the match, WWE aired a promotional video introducing Axiom, highlighting his origins in Madrid, Spain, and setting the stage for his SmackDown appearance.

The commentary team praised Axiom, building anticipation among viewers. However, despite the high expectations and his commendable performance, Axiom’s appearance on SmackDown did not officially confirm his permanent move to the main roster.

Behind the Scenes: What’s Next for Axiom on WWE SmackDown?

According to a report on Fightful Select, Axiom’s appearance on SmackDown was not an official call-up to the main roster.

This information, while not officially confirmed by WWE, suggests that Axiom’s future on the main roster remains uncertain. His performance, however, did turn heads and garnered positive reactions, indicating that he is well-prepared for a larger stage.

The outcome of Axiom’s match against Dragon Lee, where Lee emerged victorious, did not diminish the impact of Axiom’s debut.

In fact, Shawn Michaels, a WWE legend, reportedly expressed pride in Axiom’s performance, further highlighting his potential.


  • Who is Axiom? Axiom is a WWE wrestler who transitioned from NXT UK to NXT and recently appeared on SmackDown.
  • Was Axiom’s SmackDown appearance an official main roster call-up? No, Axiom’s appearance on SmackDown was not an official call-up to the main roster.
  • How did Axiom perform on SmackDown? Axiom faced Dragon Lee in an exciting match, showcasing his skills and earning praise, although he did not win the match.
  • What is the significance of Axiom’s SmackDown debut? Axiom’s debut on SmackDown is significant as it may indicate his readiness for a future main roster call-up, showcasing his potential to a wider audience.
  • What are the expectations for Axiom’s future in WWE? There is a lot of anticipation around Axiom’s potential in WWE, with many expecting him to make a significant impact if he gets a main roster call-up.
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