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Backstage news on POPULAR NAMES being released from WWE

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A new report has revealed the reasoning behind the latest WWE releases.

WWE released over a dozen talents in a mass layoff yesterday. A lot of people were expecting this after the company completed their merger with UFC earlier in the month.

There were a few surprising names part of the layoffs however that people were shocked to see let go. This included names such as Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin who were popular with the fans.

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Backstage news on WWE talent cuts

Dave Meltzer provided some backstage updates on the talent cuts in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He explained that names were chosen based on their activity in the main roster and how much money they were making:

“The key to the releases were talent making main roster money but not being used on the main roster and with the idea that they were not going to be used in the future,”

Meltzer quoted a WWE official in the report explaining that the names to cut were chosen based on the return on investment for the company:

“It’s time in vs. how much money you are paid vs. return on investment,” said one WWE official regarding the talent cuts.”

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