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Former WWE Main Roster Superstar would be “fine” ending career in NXT

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Baron Corbin, a name synonymous with the WWE universe, has had a rollercoaster of a career. From the highs and lows on the main roster to his current stint in NXT, Corbin’s journey has been nothing short of eventful.

And now, in a recent revelation, the seasoned WWE superstar has expressed his comfort with the idea of concluding his illustrious wrestling career in NXT.

After the WWE Draft, the wrestling community was abuzz with speculation regarding Corbin’s next move, given his free-agent status.

The answer came in May when Corbin made a dramatic return to NXT, setting his sights on Carmelo Hayes. Despite a setback in their initial face-off, Corbin has since established himself as a formidable presence within the NXT roster.

Corbin’s Personal Insights on WWE Main Roster vs NXT

In a candid conversation on Insight With Chris Van Vliet, Corbin delved into his life outside the squared circle. He shared his aspirations for his young children to witness him in action and cherish those memories.

The internal tug-of-war is evident as Corbin grapples with the love for his craft and the reality of an eventual retirement. He reminisced about his global travels, from Philadelphia to Tokyo, and the diverse cultures he’s experienced.

The universal appreciation he’s received from fans worldwide is something he holds dear, making the thought of retirement a challenging one: “I love travelling. Even my wife is like, ‘Would you stay in NXT for the rest of your career?’ And I’m like, ‘Maybe,’ because I love travelling and performing in front of these different audiences and experiencing the different cultures and the different cities and countries and places throughout the world.”

NXT: A New Home for Corbin?

Corbin’s affinity for NXT is evident. Not only has he found a renewed sense of purpose, but he also enjoys a degree of creative control, a privilege not often afforded to many.

The question remains: Will Corbin truly hang up his boots in NXT? If he does, the WWE universe will undoubtedly respect his decision.


  • Who is Baron Corbin?
    • Baron Corbin is a seasoned WWE superstar with a decade-long association with the wrestling world.
  • When did Baron Corbin return to NXT?
    • Baron Corbin made his return to NXT in May, following the WWE Draft.
  • Who did Corbin target upon his NXT return?
    • Upon his return, Corbin targeted Carmelo Hayes.
  • What did Corbin discuss on “Insight With Chris Van Vliet”?
    • Corbin spoke about his life outside of wrestling, his love for the sport, and the possibility of ending his career in NXT.
  • Does Baron Corbin have creative control in NXT?
    • Yes, Baron Corbin has claimed to have creative control during his time in NXT.
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