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Bayley wants THIS WWE Legend to RETURN at the Royal Rumble 2024

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As the WWE Royal Rumble 2024 approaches, excitement is mounting among fans and wrestlers alike. Among the most anticipated aspects of this event are the surprise entries, and this year, former SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley has expressed her desire for a particular WWE legend to make a comeback: AJ Lee.

Bayley: Royal Rumble Aspirations

Bayley, a prominent figure in WWE, recently shared her thoughts on potential Royal Rumble surprises during an appearance on Gabby AF.

She expressed enthusiasm for the idea of legends like Mickie James, Trish, and Lita making appearances, noting their ability to elicit strong reactions from the crowd.

However, it was her mention of AJ Lee that caught the attention of many.

The Impact of AJ Lee’s Potential Return

AJ Lee, who has not wrestled since 2015 and never participated in the Women’s Royal Rumble, which debuted in 2018, remains a revered figure in the wrestling community.

Bayley’s comments about possibly allowing Lee to throw her over the top rope as a mark of respect highlight the impact Lee had on the industry and her peers:

“In an interview I just had, they brought up AJ Lee since CM Punk is here. I wouldn’t mind that. I might actually let her throw me over the top rope if she came back. That’s how much I respect her.”

The Legacy of AJ Lee

AJ Lee’s contribution to women’s wrestling has been significant, and her return would not only be a nostalgic moment for fans but also a testament to the evolution of women’s roles in the sport. Her dynamic presence and in-ring skills have left an indelible

mark on the industry, inspiring a generation of female wrestlers.

Bayley: Respect for AJ Lee

Bayley’s admiration for AJ Lee is evident in her comments. She recognises Lee’s influence and achievements in WWE, underscoring the respect she holds for her.

This sentiment reflects the camaraderie and mutual respect that exists among wrestlers, regardless of their era.


  • Who is AJ Lee? AJ Lee is a former WWE wrestler known for her significant impact on women’s wrestling. She retired in 2015.
  • When is the WWE Royal Rumble 2024? The exact date of the WWE Royal Rumble 2024 is not specified, but it is typically held in January.
  • Has AJ Lee ever competed in a Women’s Royal Rumble? No, AJ Lee has never competed

in a Women’s Royal Rumble match, as she retired before the event’s inception in 2018.

  • What did Bayley say about AJ Lee’s potential return? Bayley expressed that she wouldn’t mind being thrown over the top rope by AJ Lee if she returned, highlighting her respect for Lee.
  • Who else is participating in the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble? Confirmed participants include Bayley, Bianca Belair, Nia Jax, and Becky Lynch, among others.
  • Why is AJ Lee’s return significant? AJ Lee’s return would be significant due to her impact on women’s wrestling and the legacy she left in WWE. Her participation would be a nostalgic and inspiring moment for fans and fellow wrestlers.
  • How can fans stay updated on the Royal Rumble 2024? Fans can follow WWE’s official channels and wrestling news websites for the latest updates on the Royal Rumble 2024.
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