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WWE Superstar says they went “frick’n cr*zy” at CM Punk return

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In a recent interview with the New York Post, WWE superstar Bayley shared her unbridled excitement over CM Punk’s sensational return to WWE, describing her reaction as going “frick’n cr*zy.”

This candid revelation offers a glimpse into the backstage atmosphere and the impact of Punk’s return on fellow wrestlers.

WWE News: Bayley’s Unexpected Surprise

Bayley, known for her vibrant personality and in-ring prowess, admitted that she had not anticipated Punk’s return.

Despite the rampant online speculation, she remained sceptical until a certain moment backstage hinted at something extraordinary.

Her reaction was one of genuine shock and elation, capturing the sentiment of many in the WWE universe.

WWE News: The Moment CM Punk Returned

As Punk’s iconic music hit, Bayley couldn’t contain her excitement. She vividly recalls rushing to the Gorilla position, eager to greet Punk, who was visibly happy to be back.

This moment underscores the respect and admiration that wrestlers have for each other, especially for a performer of Punk’s calibre.

The Joy of Having Punk Backstage

Bayley expressed her delight at having Punk back in the WWE environment. She described him as radiating happiness, a sentiment that seems to have positively affected the backstage atmosphere.

Punk’s return not only thrilled fans worldwide but also brought renewed energy among the wrestlers.

WWE News: The Hope for AJ Lee’s Return

In her conversation, Bayley also hinted at her desire to see AJ Lee, Punk’s wife and former WWE Diva, return to the fold.

She playfully recounted interactions with Punk, where he would pass on greetings from Lee, further fueling speculation and hope among fans for Lee’s potential comeback.


  • Who is Bayley?
    • Bayley is a professional wrestler currently signed with WWE, known for her dynamic in-ring style and charismatic persona.
  • What was Bayley’s reaction to CM Punk’s return?
    • Bayley described her reaction as going “frick’n cr*zy” when she heard Punk’s music and saw him return to WWE.
  • Did Bayley expect CM Punk’s return?
    • No, Bayley was initially sceptical about the rumours of Punk’s return and was genuinely surprised when it happened.
  • What does Bayley think about having Punk backstage?
    • Bayley is thrilled to have Punk backstage, noting his happiness and the positive atmosphere he brings.
  • Is there any indication of AJ Lee returning to WWE?
    • While Bayley expressed her wish to see AJ Lee return, there’s no official confirmation of such a comeback as of now.
  • How did other WWE stars react to Punk’s return?
    • The article focuses on Bayley’s reaction, but it suggests that Punk’s return was a significant and positively received event among WWE stars.
  • What impact has CM Punk’s return had on WWE?
    • Punk’s return has brought renewed excitement and energy, both among fans and within the WWE roster.
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