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Bayley claims that HUGE REMATCH is her “destiny”

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In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, WWE superstar Bayley expressed her unwavering belief that a rematch with Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks, is inevitable.

Reflecting on their iconic NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn match in 2015, Bayley stated, “We’ll always be destined for one more match. We’re going to live on forever because of that match, and it’s something we can carry on forever.”

WWE News: A History of Rivalry and Friendship

Bayley and Mercedes Mone have a storied history in WWE, marked by both fierce rivalry and deep friendship.

Their on-screen relationship has seen them transition from best friends to bitter enemies, creating a dynamic that has captivated WWE fans for years.

This complex relationship adds layers to their anticipated rematch, making it more than just another wrestling bout.

WWE News: The Uncertain Future of Mercedes Mone

The future of Mercedes Mone in WWE remains uncertain. While there are speculations about her joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW), nothing has been confirmed.

Bayley, however, remains hopeful about Mone’s return to WWE. Despite the uncertainty, Bayley’s support for her friend and former rival is unwavering, regardless of Mone’s next move in the professional wrestling world.

Bayley’s Anticipation for the Rematch

Bayley’s anticipation for the rematch is palpable. She believes that their next encounter in the ring will not only reignite their storied rivalry but also add another chapter to their shared legacy in WWE.

Her comments reflect a deep respect for Mone’s abilities and a keen understanding of the significance of their matches in the broader context of women’s wrestling.


  • Who is Bayley referring to for a rematch? Bayley is referring to a rematch with Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks.
  • What is the history between Bayley and Mercedes Mone? They have a long history of both friendship and rivalry in WWE, including a memorable match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn in 2015.
  • Is Mercedes Mone currently in WWE? Her current status with WWE is uncertain, with rumors suggesting a possible move to AEW.
  • Why does Bayley believe a rematch is her destiny? Bayley feels that their shared history and the impact of their previous matches make a rematch inevitable and a continuation of their legacy.
  • Has a date been set for the rematch? As of now, no specific date has been set for the rematch between Bayley and Mercedes Mone.
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