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Bayley talks WWE creative frustrations and how she deals with them

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Rather than worrying about the size of her role in WWE, Bayley focuses on what she feels good about and what she takes pride in’‹.

Bayley’s journey over the past year has been characterised by her involvement in the group known as Damage CTRL, where she’s been a prominent figure alongside Dakota Kai and IYO SKY.

Bayley on WWE Creative

In a recent interview with Gorilla Position, the topic of Bayley’s role within WWE was brought up. There was a suggestion that the former NXT Women’s Champion, with her talent and popularity, could be doing bigger things, playing a more prominent role.

Bayley didn’t dismiss the idea but instead offered a perspective that reveals her deep commitment to authenticity and personal fulfilment.

“I could be on more posters”

She expressed, “I mean, he said it. I could be on a little more posters. That could be me instead of Seth Rollins. But to me, I guess it’s more of, I can’t worry about all that. I kind of have to do what feels good in my heart and what I feel proud of.”’‹

Indeed, what makes Bayley feel good and proud is her work with Damage CTRL. She takes pride in the group’s achievements, such as their appearances at WrestleMania, becoming two-time Women’s Tag Team Champions, and witnessing IYO SKY compete in the Money in the Bank match for the first time.

These moments are rewarding for Bayley, and it’s clear that she sees her contribution to these successes as significant, irrespective of others’ views’‹.

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