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Becky Lynch: SURPRISING new challenger for NXT title seemingly revealed

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In the ever-evolving world of WWE, surprises are a constant. The latest shocker? A potential new contender for Becky Lynch and her NXT Women’s Championship has emerged, and it’s not who anyone expected.

While backstage at WWE RAW, a revealing moment was captured. Indi Hartwell, a rising star in the wrestling world, was spotted taking a photograph of the NXT Women’s Championship belt.

As she admired the title, Becky Lynch, the current champion, approached her, clearly not pleased with Hartwell’s actions.

Hartwell, however, had a point to make. She highlighted that she never actually lost the NXT Women’s Championship. Instead, she had to vacate it due to an injury just as she was making her way to the main roster. This revelation adds a new layer of intrigue to the ongoing storyline.

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Becky Lynch: Upcoming Appearances

Despite the tension, Becky Lynch confirmed her appearance on the upcoming episode of WWE NXT on October 3rd. Hartwell, seizing the opportunity, hinted that she might make an appearance at the Performance Center as well.

This potential face-off between the two wrestlers is sure to generate buzz among fans.

However, there’s a twist in the tale. Becky Lynch was initially scheduled to defend her title against Tegan Nox during the RAW episode.

Unfortunately, due to an injury she sustained at NXT No Mercy, this match has been postponed. This unexpected turn of events leaves fans wondering about the future of the NXT Women’s Championship.

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  • Who is the potential new challenger for Becky Lynch’s NXT Women’s Championship?
    • Indi Hartwell seems to be the new contender.
  • Why did Indi Hartwell vacate the NXT Women’s Championship?
    • She had to vacate it due to an injury just as she was being promoted to the main roster.
  • Is Becky Lynch defending her title against Tegan Nox on WWE Raw?
    • No, the match has been postponed because of an injury Lynch suffered at NXT No Mercy.

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