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WWE Hall of Fame tag team wants “one last run”

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The world of professional wrestling is abuzz with anticipation as WWE Hall of Famers, The Garcia Twins (Nikki and Brie Garcia), express their desire for a final in-ring appearance.

This revelation came during their recent chat on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, where the dynamic duo opened up about their aspirations for one last hurrah in the squared circle.

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The Garcia Twins’ Wrestling Legacy in WWE

The Garcia Twins have etched their names in the annals of wrestling history with their unparalleled charisma, athleticism, and in-ring prowess.

Their journey in the WWE has been nothing short of legendary, with countless memorable moments and matches that fans cherish to this day.

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The Desire for One Last Run

Brie Garcia, while discussing her connection to wrestling, mentioned how her husband’s involvement with AEW keeps her closely tied to the sport.

She stated, “Especially because my husband’s at AEW, but I’m still surrounded a lot by wrestling because he and I, well we, talk about it all the time. He’s fully in it, and he just had an incredible match at their big pay-per-view, All Out. I watch everything, and when I see the women wrestle and all that, I always am like, ‘Ah!’”

Nikki Garcia, on the other hand, has faced significant challenges in her wrestling career. She suffered a severe neck injury in 2015, which has been a major concern regarding her return.

Nikki expressed her longing to step back into the ring, especially when her sons are older. She envisions a moment where her children can watch their mothers dominate the wrestling scene. However, she emphasised that her return hinges on her surgeon’s approval, stating, “We want one last run. Especially when our sons are a little older and they could sit and watch their mommies kick ass and if my surgeon allows me to.”

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The Road Ahead for the WWE Legends

While the wrestling community is excited about the potential return of The Garcia Twins, the final decision rests with Nikki’s medical clearance.

Fans worldwide are holding their breath, hoping to witness the iconic duo grace the WWE ring one last time.

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  • Who are The Garcia Twins?
    • Nikki and Brie Garcia, popularly known as The Garcia Twins, are WWE Hall of Famers with a storied career in professional wrestling.
  • Where did The Garcia Twins express their desire for a final run?
    • They discussed their aspirations on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast.
  • What is the main concern regarding Nikki Garcia’s return?
    • Nikki suffered a broken neck in 2015, and her return to wrestling depends on getting clearance from her surgeon.
  • Is Brie Garcia still connected to wrestling?
    • Yes, Brie’s husband is associated with AEW, and she remains closely connected to the wrestling world.
  • When can fans expect The Garcia Twins’ return?
    • The timeline remains uncertain, but the wrestling community is hopeful for their return soon.
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