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WWE Hall of Famers hosting BRAND NEW Amazon Prime Video show

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The world of entertainment is about to witness a unique blend of wrestling charisma and reality TV drama. Brie and Nikki Garcia, who fans fondly remember as The Bella Twins from WWE, are set to grace our screens in a brand-new reality show on Amazon Prime Video.

They will be hosting a fresh dating show titled Twin Love.

The premise of “Twin Love” is as intriguing as its hosts. The show will feature ten pairs of twins, who will be separated and placed in two distinct houses, each with identical casts.

Their mission? To embark on a romantic quest to find their perfect match. But here’s the catch: will the twins, known for their inherent similarities, end up choosing identical partners? Or will their romantic preferences diverge dramatically?

Synopsis of “Twin Love”

The series promises double the fun and double the drama. As the press release highlights, the show aims to explore whether the twins’ inherent similarities also influence their romantic choices.

The most captivating aspect is the separation of the twin siblings, some experiencing this separation for the very first time.

The burning question remains: will they gravitate towards the same partners, or will their choices surprise and differentiate?

WWE Fans, Mark Your Calendars!

For those eager to dive into this twin-tastic journey, “Twin Love” is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, November 17th.

It promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and unexpected twists, all under the charming guidance of the Bella Twins.


  • Who are the hosts of “Twin Love”?
    • Brie and Nikki Garcia, formerly known as The Bella Twins from WWE.
  • What is the unique concept of the show?
    • The show will feature ten pairs of twins separated and placed in two houses with identical casts, aiming to find love.
  • When will “Twin Love” debut on Amazon Prime Video?
    • The show will premiere on Friday, November 17th.
  • Will the twins choose identical partners?
    • The series aims to explore this very question, adding a layer of suspense to the show.
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