Big E: I wanted Goldberg match at WWE Crown Jewel

Big E vs Goldberg

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WWE Champion Big E recently revealed that he tried to get a match against Goldberg at the WWE Crown Jewel event back in October.

Speaking to Sportsnet, Big E revealed that he tried to “make noise” about getting the match to happen at the event, but of course it would not come to fruition.

“I think the cool thing for me is that there are so many fresh matchups because I have not been in that top role” Big E began, talking about his WWE Championship run thus far.

“We’ve been in a top act in many ways (with the New Day) but there are so many singles matchups out there that are fresh for me” Big E continued.

“I was trying to make some noise for this Goldberg match at Crown Jewel, but that clearly (didn’t happen)” Big E revealed, unfortunately noting that he did not get his own personal dream match.

“It would have been really full circle. He was my childhood hero and idol, and I’ve spoken effusively about that” the WWE Champion concluded.

Big E vs Goldberg

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