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Big E opens up on potential WWE RETURN following horrific injury

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In a recent interview with TMZ, WWE superstar Big E has candidly discussed his journey towards recovery and the uncertainties surrounding his return to the ring.

This comes after a severe neck injury that he sustained during a match, putting his wrestling career on hold.

WWE News: Big E and The Road to Recovery

Big E, known for his charisma and athletic prowess, suffered a neck injury in March 2023, which sent shockwaves through the WWE community.

Since then, fans have eagerly awaited updates on his condition and potential comeback. In his latest interview, Big E expressed gratitude for the support he has received and shared insights into his rehabilitation process.

He emphasised that his primary focus is on recovery, without rushing the delicate process. Big E highlighted the complexity of neck injuries, explaining that they require cautious and gradual healing. He remains optimistic but cautious, acknowledging the serious nature of his injury.

WWE News: No Timeline for In-Ring Return

One of the key points Big E stressed was the absence of a definitive timeline for his return to WWE. He noted that while progress has been made, the nature of his injury means that any plans for a comeback are still uncertain.

This uncertainty underscores the unpredictable nature of sports-related injuries, especially in the high-impact world of professional wrestling.

Big E’s situation reflects a broader conversation within the wrestling community about the importance of athlete health and the risks associated with the sport.

His cautious approach to returning to the ring is being seen as a responsible decision, prioritising long-term health over short-term gains.

Continued Support from Fans and Colleagues

Throughout his recovery, Big E has received an outpouring of support from fans, fellow wrestlers, and the WWE organisation.

This support has been a source of strength for him, as he navigates the challenges of recovery. He expressed heartfelt thanks to everyone who has stood by him during this difficult time.


  • What injury did Big E sustain? Big E suffered a severe neck injury in March 2023.
  • Is there a confirmed date for Big E’s return to WWE? Currently, there is no set timeline for Big E’s return to in-ring action.
  • How has Big E approached his recovery? He is focusing on a cautious and gradual recovery process, prioritizing his long-term health.
  • Has Big E received support during his recovery? Yes, he has received significant support from fans, fellow wrestlers, and the WWE organisation.
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