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WWE Superstar REMOVED from the Internal Roster

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In a surprising turn of events, a notable WWE superstar has been taken off the company’s internal roster. This development has left fans and industry insiders buzzing with speculation and questions about the future of this wrestler within the WWE universe.

Bobby Roode, a seasoned Superstar, has been conspicuously absent from the ring for over a year.

His last appearance was at a WWE live event on June 25, 2022, where he faced a defeat at the hands of Omos. The reason behind Roode’s prolonged absence was neck surgery, which has kept him out of action for an extended period.

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Roode’s New Role in WWE

During his time away from the limelight, Roode hasn’t been idle. He has taken on the role of a producer within the company, contributing behind the scenes.

This shift in roles has led many to wonder if Roode’s days as an active competitor in the ring might be drawing to a close. This speculation gained traction when an update from PWInsider Elite, revealed that Roode had been removed from the active WWE roster.

Previously, Roode’s name was listed under the miscellaneous section of the roster. This section typically includes injured talent and other figures related to WWE, such as Steve Austin and The Rock.

The removal of Roode’s name from this section has intensified rumours that he might have transitioned into a full-time producer role for the company.

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Comparisons with Other WWE Superstars

It’s worth noting that the company has a history of listing superstars under the miscellaneous section before significant changes in their roles or departures.

For instance, Edge was listed under this section following his match with Sheamus, shortly before he left for AEW.

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  • Who is Bobby Roode?
    • Bobby Roode is a professional wrestler who has been a part of the WWE universe for several years. He has won numerous titles and is known for his charismatic presence in the ring.
  • Why was Bobby Roode removed from the WWE internal roster?
    • While the exact reasons are not confirmed, Roode’s removal comes after a prolonged absence from the ring due to neck surgery. He has been working as a producer for WWE during this period.
  • Has Bobby Roode retired from wrestling?
    • As of now, there is no official confirmation about Roode’s retirement. However, his removal from the active roster and his current role as a producer suggests a possible shift in his career trajectory.
  • Who else has been listed under the miscellaneous section of the WWE roster?
    • The miscellaneous section often includes injured talent and other figures related to WWE. Notable names like Steve Austin, The Rock, and Edge have been listed there in the past.
  • What does it mean for a wrestler to transition to a producer role?
    • A producer in WWE typically works behind the scenes, helping with match planning, storylines, and overall show production. It’s a crucial role that shapes the direction of the WWE shows.

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