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Brandi Rhodes FIRES BACK at fans who say she “lost her looks” after pregnancy

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, Brandi Rhodes has carved out a niche for herself, not just as a wrestler but also as a mother and entrepreneur.

Recently, she found herself at the centre of a social media storm, with some fans suggesting she had “lost her looks” following her pregnancy. However, in true Brandi style, she didn’t let these comments slide.

Brandi Rhodes, once a prominent figure in AEW, has always been known for her resilience and determination. When faced with criticism about her appearance post-pregnancy, she took to Twitter to address the matter head-on.

Sharing a photograph of herself donning a golden bikini, she used this visual testament to her fitness and confidence to silence her detractors. Her tweet playfully read, “I read on here that I lost my looks after my pregnancy. And you know, they’re right. I went from fine as hell to fine af. Ah, what are you gonna do? 😘”

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Beyond the Ring: Brandi Rhodes and her Current Pursuits

While many remember Brandi for her time in AEW, she has since moved on to other ventures. Contrary to rumours that AEW didn’t wish to renew her contract, Brandi is content with her current life trajectory.

She has chosen to shift her focus from the wrestling ring to her yoga studio, among other pursuits. It’s clear that Brandi is not just defined by her wrestling career but is a multifaceted individual with diverse interests.

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Public Perception and Support

The world of pro wrestling can be divisive, and Brandi Rhodes has experienced both the highs and lows of public opinion.

While some have been critical, many fans and peers have come to her defence, praising her for her post-pregnancy physique and her continued dedication to her craft and other ventures.

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  • Who is Brandi Rhodes?
    • Brandi Rhodes is a former AEW star known for her contributions to the world of professional wrestling. She is also a mother and entrepreneur.
  • What was the controversy surrounding Brandi Rhodes?
    • Some fans on social media commented that Brandi had “lost her looks” after her pregnancy, leading to her response.
  • How did Brandi Rhodes respond to the criticism?
    • Brandi posted a photo of herself in a golden bikini on Twitter, playfully addressing the comments and showcasing her confidence.
  • What is Brandi Rhodes currently focused on?
    • Brandi is currently focusing on her yoga studio and other personal ventures, having moved on from her wrestling career in AEW.

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