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Braun Strowman reveals heartwarming story about Bray Wyatt

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In an emotional revelation on a recent episode of “The Ranveer Show,” Braun Strowman, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling, opened up about his late colleague and friend, Bray Wyatt.

Strowman’s heartfelt comments shed light on the profound impact Wyatt had on his life, both professionally and personally.

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The Bond Between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt

Braun Strowman, known for his towering presence in the WWE, shared a deep connection with Bray Wyatt, dating back to their time together in the Wyatt Family.

This bond extended beyond the ring, with Wyatt playing a pivotal role in Strowman’s early career and personal life.

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Feeling Wyatt’s Presence

Strowman recounted instances where he felt Wyatt’s presence in his life, even after his passing. He described a poignant moment on a beach in Boca Grande, Florida, where a buzzard circling overhead reminded him of Wyatt.

These occurrences, Strowman expressed, bring a sense of closeness to his late friend, evoking memories and emotions tied to their shared experiences.

Wyatt’s Generosity and Support

Reflecting on his early days in WWE, Strowman highlighted Wyatt’s generosity. When Strowman moved to Florida to pursue his wrestling career, he faced financial challenges.

Wyatt stepped in to support him, covering expenses like hotel rooms and food: “When I got called up on the main roster, I didn’t have enough money to pay for my hotel rooms. So for the first month, Bray paid for everything for me. He bought me food, he paid for my hotel rooms.”

The Legacy of Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt’s influence on Strowman and the wrestling community was profound. His unique persona, creativity, and dedication to the sport left an indelible mark on fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Strowman’s comments underscore the depth of their relationship and the void left by Wyatt’s absence.

Braun Strowman: His Continued Journey

As Strowman continues his journey in the wrestling world, the memories and lessons from his time with Wyatt remain a guiding force.

His reflections offer a glimpse into the personal side of wrestling, where bonds formed in the ring often extend into deep, lasting friendships.


  • Who was Bray Wyatt?
    • Bray Wyatt was a professional wrestler known for his unique character and storytelling in WWE.
  • How did Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt know each other?
    • They worked closely together in WWE, particularly during their time in the Wyatt Family.
  • What did Braun Strowman say about Bray Wyatt?
    • Strowman shared that he still feels Wyatt’s presence in his life and recounted how Wyatt supported him financially in his early WWE days.
  • What was the significance of the buzzard to Strowman?
    • The buzzard reminded Strowman of Wyatt, symbolizing his ongoing connection to his late friend.
  • How has Bray Wyatt’s passing affected the wrestling community?
    • Wyatt’s death has left a profound impact, with many in the wrestling world mourning his loss and celebrating his legacy.
  • What does Braun Strowman’s reflection reveal about their relationship?
    • It highlights the deep bond and mutual support between Strowman and Wyatt, extending beyond their professional lives.
  • What is Braun Strowman’s current status in wrestling?
    • Strowman continues to be a prominent figure in professional wrestling, carrying forward the lessons and memories from his time with Wyatt.
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