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Braun Strowman reveals timeline for WWE RETURN following injury

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In the dynamic world of WWE, the absence of a star like Braun Strowman is keenly felt. Fans of the ‘Monster Among Men’ have been eagerly awaiting news of his return since he was sidelined with a serious neck injury in early May. Now, Strowman has provided a much-anticipated update on his recovery and return timeline.

Strowman’s journey back to the ring has been a challenging one. After undergoing major surgery at the Andrews Medical Centre, he faced a rigorous rehabilitation process.

The surgery involved a cervical fusion on his C4 and C5 vertebrae, including the insertion of a metal plate and four screws in his neck.

This significant procedure marked a turning point in his career, necessitating a cautious and steady approach to recovery.

Braun Strowman: Gearing Up for a WWE Comeback

The good news for WWE fans is that Strowman’s recovery is on track. At his five-month check-up, he received medical clearance to start lifting weights again, a crucial step in regaining his formidable strength, as he revealed during an interview with News 18 in India.

This development is a positive sign, indicating that the bones in his neck are fusing well. Strowman himself has expressed optimism about his progress, though he remains under the guidance of his medical team.

Anticipating a 2024 Return

Looking ahead, Strowman has his sights set on 2024 for his WWE comeback. He plans to undergo another check-up after the new year, which will be pivotal in determining his readiness to return to the ring.

While there’s speculation about him making a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble in January 2024, Strowman maintains a realistic outlook, acknowledging that his return is contingent on his health and doctor’s advice.

A New Perspective for Braun Strowman

This injury has not only been a physical challenge for Strowman but also a mental one.

He admits that the experience has brought a change in his approach, making him more cautious, especially considering the hardware now in his neck.

However, his determination and resilience remain undimmed. He’s no stranger to overcoming obstacles, having worked through a career-long partial paralysis in his left leg.


  • What injury did Braun Strowman sustain?
    • Strowman suffered a serious neck injury requiring a cervical fusion on his C4 and C5 vertebrae.
  • When is Braun Strowman expected to return to WWE?
    • He is targeting a return in 2024, pending further medical evaluations.
  • Has Strowman been medically cleared for any physical activity?
    • Yes, he has been cleared to start lifting weights again as part of his rehabilitation.
  • Could Strowman make a surprise return at the Royal Rumble in 2024?
    • While it’s a possibility, his participation will depend on his recovery progress and medical advice.
  • How has Strowman’s injury affected his approach to wrestling?
    • He acknowledges a need for more caution, especially given the hardware now in his neck, but remains committed to overcoming challenges.
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