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Bray Wyatt: WWE ‘pushed’ for character change

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WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt has been missing for some time, and it appears as though the company has been trying to change his character.

One of our sources has indicated that WWE was not ‘overly fond’ of how the Pitch Black match went back at the Royal Rumble and how the ‘new’ Wyatt appeared.

“WWE wasn’t overly fond of how the Pitch Black match went down and the new Bray Wyatt masked character that debuted at the Royal Rumble, as they felt it wasn’t as good as The Fiend and wouldn’t sell the merchandise etc like The Fiend did” is what was relayed to us.

Could Bray Wyatt return as The Fiend

From what we’ve been able to establish, the company were pushing fairly hard for The Fiend to return shortly after the Rumble but talks stalled somewhat shortly after.

With Wyatt now seemingly getting ready to return to television, the timing of which we still haven’t been able to truly establish, the talks of getting The Fiend back on screen have ‘picked up’ again.

“Have been in talks regarding it since after Royal Rumble earlier this year, talks stopped for a while and were picked up again within the last month or two. But as of today – I heard no movement currently on The Fiend making a return” is what was revealed to us by the same source, but right now we don’t have a definitive on what Wyatt could actually return as.

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