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Former AEW star TEASED on WWE NXT this week?

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WWE NXT recently dropped a significant hint that has left fans buzzing with excitement. On the episode aired on September 26th, a brief vignette was showcased, which many believe teases the imminent debut of former AEW star, Brian Pillman Jr.

During the episode, a short clip was displayed, showing what appeared to be an old-fashioned television. A shadowy figure was seen flipping through various channels.

The first channel depicted a news desk with the headline “Eyewitness News at 7”. Subsequently, the channel switched to showcase the Cincinnati Bengals with a voiceover discussing their training camp.

The channel flipping continued, landing on a retro episode of WCW. Jim Ross’ iconic voice greeted viewers with, “Hello again everybody and welcome to WCW Saturday Night”, before the screen faded to black.

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Hints Pointing to Brian Pillman Jr. on WWE NXT

The most telling clue from the vignette was the attire of the mysterious man. He seemed to be donning a shirt identical to one Brian Pillman Jr. previously wore on AEW television.

This has led many to speculate that his WWE NXT debut might be just around the corner.

Brian Pillman Jr. became a free agent after his contract with AEW concluded in July 2023. His move to WWE NXT could be a significant shift in his wrestling career, and fans are eager to see how this unfolds.

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Other Highlights from WWE NXT

The episode wasn’t just about the tease of Brian Pillman Jr. Another highlight was the intense altercation between generational talents Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin.

Their brawl was so fierce that it culminated in them crashing through Shawn Michaels’ office wall.

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  • Q: Who is Brian Pillman Jr.? A: Brian Pillman Jr. is a professional wrestler who previously performed for AEW. He became a free agent in July 2023 after his contract with AEW ended.
  • Q: What was the hint about Brian Pillman Jr.’s WWE NXT debut? A: A vignette was shown during the WWE NXT episode on September 26, where a mysterious man, believed to be Brian Pillman Jr., was seen flipping through channels on a vintage television.
  • Q: When did Brian Pillman Jr. leave AEW? A: Brian Pillman Jr. parted ways with AEW in July 2023 after his contract with the company expired.
  • Q: What other significant event occurred on the same WWE NXT episode? A: Apart from the tease of Brian Pillman Jr.’s debut, another notable event was the brawl between Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin, which ended with them crashing through Shawn Michaels’ office wall.

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