Brock Lesnar Back Tattoo: What does it represent?

Brock Lesnar Back Tattoo

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The ‘Kill ‘Em All’ back tattoo on Brock Lesnar has caused a lot of confusion. Whilst fans believe that it represents power and strength, Lesnar has not commented on his ink publicly, so it’s not exactly clear.

While there are no concrete facts to draw on, fans believe that it’s a tribute to the “demon-like” character and “Beast Incarnate” that he portrays in the ring.

Brock Lesnar’s back tattoo appears to represent two things. Firstly, it seems to represent his hard life in Japan following his initial WWE release.

In addition to his VISA issues, he was also dealing with a non-compete clause from WWE when he reportedly got the tattoo.

“Kill Em All” could also refer to the classic Metallica album of the same name, but again this is not something that Lesnar has commented on publicly so we cannot confirm if that is the case.

Brock Lesnar Back Tattoo

A non-compete prohibits superstars from competing under another banner unless they sign a non-compete agreement with them.

In this case, the ‘Kill ‘Em All’ tattoo may also refer to the death of a wrestler at the hands of The Beast Incarnate.

The Demon above the “Kill Em All” ink has become synonymous with The Beast Incarnate as well, with Lesnar opting to use this iconography in a lot of his merchandising both for WWE and whilst he fought in MMA.

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