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MASSIVE Bron Breakker tease during WWE RAW this week

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In the dynamic world of WWE, the anticipation surrounding the main roster debut of NXT standout Bron Breakker reached new heights during this week’s episode of WWE RAW.

Breakker, a two-time NXT champion and a relative of the legendary Steiner family, has been making waves in WWE’s developmental territory with his remarkable in-ring prowess and charismatic presence.

Bron Breakker, known as the “Big Bad Booty nephew,” has carved a niche for himself in NXT, showcasing his skills against top-tier competitors like Tomasso Ciampa and Dolph Ziggler.

His journey in NXT was marked by two championship reigns, solidifying his status as a top talent. His recent participation in the 2024 Royal Rumble match, although not victorious, was a statement of intent, signalling his readiness for the main roster.

WWE News: The Tease on RAW

The latest episode of RAW provided a significant hint about Breakker’s potential destination in WWE’s main roster. A backstage segment featured Adam Pearce, who was seen signing Andrade El Idolo to the red brand.

However, the segment took an intriguing turn when SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis received a phone call from none other than Bron Breakker himself.

This interaction has sparked speculation among fans and experts alike, suggesting that Breakker might be headed to Friday Night SmackDown for his main roster debut.

The connection with Nick Aldis adds an exciting dimension to the narrative, leaving fans eagerly anticipating Breakker’s next move.

WWE News: Potential Impact on SmackDown

Should Bron Breakker join SmackDown, it would mark a significant addition to the brand’s roster. His unique blend of athleticism and charisma could see him quickly ascend the ranks, potentially setting up high-profile feuds and championship pursuits.


  • Who is Bron Breakker?
    • Bron Breakker is a rising star in WWE, known for his time in NXT where he became a two-time champion.
  • What happened on WWE RAW regarding Bron Breakker?
    • A backstage segment hinted that Breakker might be joining SmackDown, as indicated by a phone call between Nick Aldis and Breakker.
  • What makes Bron Breakker a notable wrestler?
    • His impressive in-ring ability, charisma, and lineage as part of the Steiner family make him a standout talent.
  • Has Bron Breakker competed in the main roster before?
    • He recently participated in the 2024 Royal Rumble, indicating his readiness for the main roster.
  • What could Bron Breakker’s move to SmackDown mean for the brand?
    • His arrival could shake up the roster, leading to new rivalries and potentially championship opportunities.
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