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WWE Superstar calls NJPW Star the “strongest dude in wrestling”

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In a remarkable display of respect and admiration, WWE star Bronson Reed has recently hailed New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star and United Empire member Jeff Cobb as “the strongest dude in wrestling.”

This commendation from Reed, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, underscores the impressive stature and abilities of Cobb within the industry.

WWE News: Bronson Reed’s Journey and Encounter with Jeff Cobb

Bronson Reed, who made a significant return to WWE in late 2022, previously carved a niche for himself in NJPW under the moniker JONAH.

During his tenure there, Reed made an indelible impact, notably securing a victory over the seven-time IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada.

It was in this competitive arena of NJPW that Reed first encountered Jeff Cobb, a fellow wrestler of considerable repute and a current member of the United Empire faction.

WWE News: Social Media Exchange and Reed’s Praise for Cobb

The interaction that sparked Reed’s statement occurred on social media. On January 20, Cobb posted a video featuring highlights from his indie scene clash against Bronson Reed, intriguingly captioned with a suggestion to “run this back soon.”

Reed’s response to this post was not only affirmative but also included a significant commendation for Cobb. Reed tweeted, “Yes Jeffery!!! Side note, @RealJeffCobb is pound for pound the strongest dude in wrestling.”

This public acknowledgement from Reed highlights Cobb’s exceptional strength and skill in the wrestling world.

Upcoming Challenges for Jeff Cobb

Looking ahead, Jeff Cobb is set to participate in a high-stakes 5-on-5 Steel Cage match with his United Empire teammates against the Bullet Club War Dogs.

This event, part of NJPW’s New Beginning in Osaka, is scheduled for February 11 and promises to be a showcase of Cobb’s formidable abilities as highlighted by Reed.


  • Who is Bronson Reed?
    • Bronson Reed is a WWE star who previously competed in NJPW under the name JONAH.
  • What did Bronson Reed say about Jeff Cobb?
    • Reed praised Jeff Cobb as “pound for pound the strongest dude in wrestling” in a tweet.
  • What is the next big event for Jeff Cobb?
    • Jeff Cobb will participate in a 5-on-5 Steel Cage match at NJPW’s New Beginning in Osaka on February 11.
  • Did Bronson Reed compete in NJPW?
    • Yes, Reed competed in NJPW, where he made a significant impact and was known as JONAH.
  • What is the significance of Reed’s comment?
    • Reed’s comment highlights the respect and admiration between wrestlers and acknowledges Cobb’s strength and skill in the industry.
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