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MAJOR WWE name calls gimmick match the WORST EVER

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In a candid revelation on his Something To Wrestle podcast, WWE executive Bruce Prichard has declared the Punjabi Prison match as the worst gimmick match in WWE history.

His scathing critique of this unique wrestling format has sent ripples through the wrestling community, highlighting the challenges and pitfalls of innovative match concepts in professional wrestling.

WWE News: The Punjabi Prison Match – A Controversial Concept

The Punjabi Prison match, a brainchild of WWE’s creative team, was first introduced in 2006. It involved a structure of bamboo cages and was intended to add a different flair to the wrestling spectacle.

However, Prichard’s recent comments have shed light on the difficulties faced in executing this concept.

He recounted the logistical nightmares, including the structure not being completed until days before the event, leading to last-minute scrambles and confusion about how to effectively use it in a match.

WWE News: A History of Mixed Receptions

Only three Punjabi Prison matches have occurred in WWE history: The Big Show (replacing The Great Khali) vs. The Undertaker in 2006, The Great Khali vs. Batista in 2007, and Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton in 2017.

Each match received mixed reactions from fans and critics, often criticised for their lack of coherence and the difficulty for live audiences to view the action inside the bamboo structure.

Prichard’s Perspective: A Veteran’s View

Bruce Prichard, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling industry, is known for his straightforward opinions.

His assessment of the Punjabi Prison match as the “number one worst gimmick” reflects a broader sentiment within certain sections of the wrestling community.

Prichard compared it unfavourably to other notorious gimmick matches, like the Kennel from Hell, underlining his disappointment with how the concept translated into reality.


  • What is the Punjabi Prison match?
    • A unique wrestling match format involving bamboo cages, was introduced by WWE in 2006.
  • Who participated in the first Punjabi Prison match?
    • The Big Show (replacing The Great Khali) and The Undertaker at the Great American Bash 2006.
  • How many Punjabi Prison matches have there been?
    • There have been three matches to date.
  • What has Bruce Prichard said about the match?
    • Prichard labelled it as the worst gimmick match in WWE history, citing logistical and conceptual issues.
  • Is the Punjabi Prison match popular among fans?
    • It has received mixed reactions, with many criticizing its execution and visibility issues for live audiences.
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