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Bryan Danielson on fans “not being happy” that he didn’t rip into WWE

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Former WWE Superstar and new AEW signee Bryan Danielson recently appeared on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast. The American Dragon discussed several topics during his time on the show, including how some fans are not happy that he is still being cordial in regards to his comments about his former employer.

‘After I got a little promo and I said, ’˜I love where I worked before,’ that got a huge chorus of boos,’ Bryan Danielson began. ‘But it’s true. I think that also speaks to it’s not just a wrestling culture thing. I think there’s also tribalism in our country right now.

“The narrative of being on one side or the other, and I think most people are actually very rational and will enjoy both sides, but I think the harder edges, and those are the people who tend to speak out more” Bryan Danielson continued.

Bryan Danielson on WWE

‘If you like both, you’re not going to go on social media and say anything controversial that’s going to get a lot of responses” Danielson added. “If you say, ’˜Oh AEW was great last night, but I really enjoyed this about WWE as well.’ Nobody’s gonna say anything. You just do one or the other. I think that’s one of the negatives of social media is it tends to emphasize the harshness in either direction.’

Danielson is set to continue his feud with Kenny Omega and The Elite going forward; potentially with a title match for the AEW Championship coming at the AEW Full Gear PPV event.

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