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Bryan Danielson reveals WWE moment that left him ‘demoralized’

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Bryan Danielson says that Kofi Kingston’s WWE championship run was the favorite part of his WWE career while also being demoralizing for one specific reason.

The AEW star was part of one of the hottest storylines in modern wrestling history which led to his big win at WrestleMania XXX. Bryan then got to be on the other side of the equation when he went up against Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35. Kofi’s story resembled Bryan’s own journey in many ways.

Danielson talked about this feud during an interview with The Ringer. The former world champion claimed that the whole angle with the New Day star was magic:

‘To me, the whole thing was magic. And you look at the live events, like the number of shows that he did for WWE, the amount of TV time that he filled in every time, going out there and always having a positive attitude and all that kind of stuff. What a great human being, you know what I mean? Like I said, it was my favorite match.”

What Demoralized Bryan Danielson?

While Kofi’s journey to the top was incredible, his road back wasn’t what fans hoped to see. Kingston ended up losing the title to Brock Lesnar in a squash match. Per Bryan Danielson, it was the most demoralizing point of his career:

“I think the whole thing was my favorite part of my WWE career. And conversely, the most demoralized I ever was was seeing him lose it to Brock Lesnar the way that he did.’

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Martin MacDonald