Bully Ray makes a wild suggestion for new WWE title belt

Bully Ray WWE Iron Man Title

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Former WWE Superstar and WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray recently discussed a new concept for a WWE title belt that he thinks should be created.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, the Dudley Boy revealed that he wants to see WWE create an ‘Iron Man’ belt.

“[I think] maybe they should [get rid of the US and IC Title], but I would love to see them do what I’ve been talking about for a while now – the Ironhorse, Ironman, Ironwoman Championship – a wrestler that wrestles every single week on RAW and SmackDown” Bully began.

Bully Ray on WWE Title

“Back in the day when I originally thought of this, I said wrestle on RAW, NXT and SmackDown. Obviously, NXT now being a definitive developmental brand, I’ll take NXT out of the equation. I want to see this person wrestle on RAW and SmackDown” the former WWE Tag Team Champion continued.

“You know who would be a great workhorse champion? A guy like Ciampa, a guy like Ricochet – a guy that can go out there every single night and have great, great matches on television” he noted.

“Who are you? I’m not the world champion but I’m the best wrestler for any given 15 minutes on television. That’s what the championship represents” Bully Ray concluded.

Could that sort of title work? It sounds an awful lot like a Television title to me (!?).

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