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Former WWE Superstar makes BIZARRE comment about ‘wand’ gimmick

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In the world of professional wrestling and WWE, props play a significant role in defining a wrestler’s character. From Triple H’s intimidating sledgehammer to The Undertaker’s urn, these items often become as iconic as the wrestlers themselves.

Recently, former WWE Diva and Women’s Champion, Candice Michelle, shed light on her unique prop during her WWE tenure: a magic wand.

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The Wand’s Inspiration: Triple H’s Sledgehammer

Candice Michelle’s wand wasn’t just a random choice. In a recent appearance on The Ten Count with Steve Fall podcast, she revealed her aspirations for the wand.

Candice wanted her magic wand to hold the same gravitas as Triple H’s sledgehammer (er, what): “Did I ever tell you the story about my wand and how I wanted it to be like Triple H’s sledgehammer? I was travelling, and we would go to stripper stores, and at the stripper stores, we would find our gear. It’s just what we did back in the day. And so we’re in there, and it’s Halloween, and there’s this star wand for a costume. And I look at Torrie Wilson and Victoria and I’m like, ‘I’m gonna use this, and this is gonna be my new gimmick.'”

For those unfamiliar, Triple H, also known as Paul Michael Levesque in real life, often wielded a sledgehammer as part of his wrestling persona. This prop became synonymous with his character, symbolizing power and dominance.

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The Legacy of the Wand in WWE

While Candice Michelle’s wand might not have reached the legendary status of some other props in WWE history, it certainly left an impression.

It added a layer of mystique to her character and made her stand out. Props, when chosen wisely, can become an integral part of a wrestler’s identity. Candice’s wand is a testament to that.

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