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Former WWE Intercontinental Champion is reportedly WORKING on return

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the news of former WWE Intercontinental Champion Carlito’s potential return to the ring.

Carlito, who made a memorable appearance at WWE Backlash, left fans yearning for more. Although this appearance was primarily a significant moment in Puerto Rico, it hinted at the possibility of a more permanent return.

There’s been a whirlwind of speculation regarding Carlito’s comeback. Some believed that the company was planning to reintroduce him during SmackDown at Madison Square Garden.

However, this rumour was promptly debunked by several sites. Despite the setback, the anticipation among fans remains high, with many eagerly awaiting his return.

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WWE Behind the Scenes

Ringside News claim to have reached out to sources within WWE regarding the status of Carlito. A seasoned Creative team member apparently revealed that Carlito has been actively involved in Orlando, focusing on character vignettes.

This suggests that WWE is indeed preparing for his return, even if the details remain under wraps.

Interestingly, while Carlito has apparently been working diligently at the Performance Center on these character vignettes, not much chatter surrounds his current status.

This has led to an air of mystery, with fans and insiders alike curious about his next move.

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Carlito’s Current Form

For those who witnessed Carlito’s appearance at WWE Backlash, it was evident that he was in top form. He’s been consistently training and ensuring he’s ring-ready.

While it’s still uncertain when or if he will make a full return to WWE, the signs are promising. The company seems to be investing time and resources into his character, indicating a potential comeback.

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