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Carmella reacts to fake ‘leaked’ pictures

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WWE Superstar Carmella recently reacted to fake ‘leaked’ pictures of her and Corey Graves that have been circulating online.

‘Mella was clearly unhappy that someone had doctored an adult image of her and her husband online, and she reacted as such on Twitter.

“Y’all really wanna see me fail, huh?? Photoshop is on another level these days’¦ 🙄 She cute, but she ain’t me” she tweeted in response.

Carmella reacts to ‘leaks’

When a user on the social media site noted that the ‘tattoo’ visible on the photoshopped image looked just like the former SmackDown Women’s Champion’s, she debunked that claim as well.

“ITS PHOTOSHOP!!! Do some research and you’ll find the ORIGINAL. Stop tweeting about things that you know nothing about. You’re out here trying to ruin people’s lives and careers. It’s disgusting” Carmella stated.

As of writing, Corey Graves has not responded to the fake images online, and it is likely that he won’t be unless it is brought up on his After The Bell podcast.

If you see the images themselves then obviously do the right thing and do not share them, let alone it being wrong on a moral level you may well get into some legal trouble as well. So, don’t do it.

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