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Cathy Kelley makes HEARTBREAKING revelation about her WWE career

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Cathy Kelley and her journey in the world of professional wrestling has been nothing short of remarkable. After making her debut in WWE in 2016, she quickly became a recognisable face on television.

Her association with the company saw a brief hiatus, but she made a triumphant return last year, thanks to a significant change in the company’s structure.

This restructuring not only brought Kelley back into the fold but also witnessed the return of top superstars and a marked improvement in WWE’s television product.

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Cathy Kelley: The Emotional Toll Behind the Scenes

However, behind the glitz and glamour of the wrestling world, Kelley faced her own set of challenges. In a candid conversation on the Out Of Character with Ryan Satin podcast, Kelley opened up about the emotional turmoil she experienced during her time in WWE.

She revealed that the months leading up to her exit from the company in 2020 were particularly harrowing. Despite her professional facade, she was overwhelmed with emotion, shedding tears every single day. While she managed to maintain her composure at work, there were instances when she couldn’t hold back her emotions, even in the locker room: “I remember the last few months, I was crying every single day. My close friends, my family knew that and I smiled through it at work most of the time.

“I think there are like one or two times that I broke (she laughed), being in the locker room but yeah, it felt like the dream that I had — and whether that was promised or not at the beginning — it wasn’t gonna happen there so, I could have probably stayed and I was told at the time that I would have a job there until I’m 87 if I wanted it.”

She had a vision beyond just digital roles and content creation, and she believed that her true potential might not be realised within the confines of her then role in WWE.

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Kelley’s Return to WWE

The question that arises is, why did Cathy Kelley decide to return to WWE after such an emotional departure? While the specifics of her decision to come back remain a topic of speculation, it’s evident that her love for the profession and the company played a significant role.

The restructuring of WWE and the positive changes it brought about might have also influenced her decision.

The wrestling community and fans have shown immense support for Kelley, and many are eager to see what the future holds for her in WWE. Her journey, filled with highs and lows, serves as a testament to her resilience and passion for the sport.

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The Wrestling Community Reacts

Kelley’s revelations have sparked discussions among fans and fellow professionals alike. Many have expressed their empathy and admiration for her courage in sharing such a personal aspect of her life.

The wrestling world is known for its tight-knit community, and Kelley’s story has resonated with many who understand the pressures of the industry.

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