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FREE AGENT officially joins WWE brand

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In a significant development for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Cedric Alexander, previously a ‘free agent’ in the wrestling world, has officially joined the SmackDown brand.

This move comes after his recent appearances on SmackDown, where he showcased his wrestling prowess in two matches against Dragon Lee.

Cedric Alexander’s transition to SmackDown marks a pivotal moment in his career. During the 2023 WWE Draft, several wrestlers were left undrafted, thus gaining the status of ‘free agents’.

This status allowed them the flexibility to appear on any of WWE’s platforms – Raw, SmackDown, or NXT. Alexander, among these free agents, utilised this opportunity to make appearances on SmackDown, ultimately leading to his full-time inclusion in the SmackDown roster.

The Impact of Free Agency in WWE

The concept of free agency in WWE has introduced a dynamic element to the wrestling scene. Wrestlers like Alexander, who were not initially drafted to a specific brand, had the unique opportunity to explore and demonstrate their skills across various platforms.

This not only provided them with exposure but also allowed the brands to assess their talents in different settings.

Alexander’s successful transition from a free agent to a full-time SmackDown member exemplifies the potential career progression that this system offers.

Current WWE Free Agents and Their Potential

The WWE currently lists several notable wrestlers as free agents, including Omos, Von Wagner, Xyon Quinn, Brock Lesnar, and United States Champion Logan Paul.

This status keeps fans guessing about their next moves and creates a buzz around potential matchups and brand switches.

Additionally, wrestlers like Randy Orton and CM Punk, who made their returns at Survivor Series, are not tied to any specific brand, adding to the unpredictability and excitement of WWE events.


  • Who is Cedric Alexander? Cedric Alexander is a professional wrestler who has recently joined the WWE SmackDown brand.
  • What does being a ‘free agent’ in WWE mean? A ‘free agent’ in WWE is a wrestler who is not drafted to a specific brand, allowing them to appear on Raw, SmackDown, or NXT.
  • How did Cedric Alexander join SmackDown? Alexander, initially a free agent, appeared on SmackDown in matches against Dragon Lee, leading to his full-time inclusion in the SmackDown roster.
  • Who are some other free agents in WWE? Notable free agents include Omos, Von Wagner, Xyon Quinn, Brock Lesnar, and United States Champion Logan Paul.
  • What impact does Alexander’s move have on SmackDown? Alexander’s inclusion in SmackDown is expected to bring new energy and exciting matchups to the brand, enhancing the overall quality of the wrestling entertainment offered.
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