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HUGE WWE Superstar ‘pushed hard’ for AEW star to return to the company

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In a significant development within the world of professional wrestling, Charlotte Flair, a renowned WWE Superstar, has been instrumental in facilitating the return of Andrade El Idolo to WWE.

Despite currently being sidelined due to a knee injury, Flair has reportedly been actively involved in this process, showcasing her influence and dedication to the sport.

WWE News: Charlotte Flair’s Role in Andrade’s WWE Comeback

Charlotte Flair, who has been out of action with a knee injury, has not let this setback dampen her spirits or diminish her impact in the wrestling world.

Her recent efforts have been focused on advocating for the return of Andrade El Idolo to WWE, according to a new report from Fightful Select.

Andrade, who previously let his WWE deal expire and subsequently joined AEW, has been the subject of much speculation regarding his wrestling future.

WWE News: The Wrestling Industry’s Interconnected Dynamics

This situation highlights the intricate and often interconnected dynamics of the wrestling industry. Interestingly, while Charlotte Flair was pushing for Andrade’s return to WWE, Andrade himself had been advocating for Ric Flair, Charlotte’s father and a wrestling legend, to join AEW.

This interplay of interests and loyalties adds a fascinating layer to the narrative of professional wrestling.

Anticipation for Andrade’s Return

The wrestling community is abuzz with anticipation regarding Andrade’s potential return, especially with the Royal Rumble event on the horizon.

His comeback, which was expected to have already occurred, could be a significant moment at the Royal Rumble, scheduled for January 27th at Tropicana Field.


  • Who is Charlotte Flair?
    • Charlotte Flair is a prominent WWE Superstar, known for her impressive in-ring skills and championship victories.
  • What is the significance of Andrade El Idolo’s return to WWE?
    • Andrade’s return to WWE, facilitated by Charlotte Flair, marks a significant shift in his career and adds excitement to upcoming WWE events.
  • Has Charlotte Flair been active in WWE recently?
    • Charlotte Flair has been out of action due to a knee injury but remains influential in the wrestling world.
  • What is the Royal Rumble?
    • The Royal Rumble is a major WWE event known for its unique battle royal match, where wrestlers aim to be the last person standing.
  • How are Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo connected?
    • Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo have a personal relationship, and Flair has been a key advocate for Andrade’s return to WWE.
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