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Charlotte Flair hints at career outside WWE

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Charlotte Flair is at the top of the wrestling world right now but she won’t be shying away from whatever outside opportunities that may come her way.

WWE has a long history of talents who have gone on to make careers in other fields after their run with the company. The most famous examples are of course people like The Rock, John Cena, and Bautista. These names have only added to their popularity by making a career in acting and becoming Hollywood stars.

Charlotte Flair who has done almost everything there is to do in the company, seems like the perfect candidate to follow the footsteps of these veterans. When asked about the same during her interview with Miami Herald (H/t WrestleZone), The Queen admitted that she would like to do things outside of wrestling:

‘I definitely want to do things outside of the WWE, but it’s a matter of when that will happen for me. Very early on in my career, I did do the ’˜Psych’ role for the movie. I also did ’˜Punky Brewster.’ So I’ve had these opportunities. I would really love a bigger role in a bigger movie, but when that happens, it will happen.”

Charlotte Flair Wants It To Be Special

Though Flair explained that she is not trying to force this change. The SmackDown Women’s Champion claimed that this transition will be unique and special:

“I know I want to be the best in whatever I do, so it’s just when all these things come to me at the right time. I know this sounds cliche, but it’s just patience. I think what my transition looks like will be unique and special to Charlotte Flair.’

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Martin MacDonald